Brigitte Petruzzi - TestimonialThis picture was made on a brillant day after rockclimbing in sunny Ticino, Switzerland August 31, 2015. The day was so brillant, because I was supposed to have knee surgery on that day. I participated in Jane Stark's amazing and special Fascia Course "Fluidic Approach to the Treatment of Fascia,” the week before. I had a fresh hematoma on my left leg, and was lucky enough to have Jane demontrate her technique on me with the class. My left knee had been compensating with years of trauma when I started this course. After Jane's work I quickly regained good stability and normal mobility back. I could jump and land on stones without any problem already one day later. This was my personal testing and confirmation to be back on track. I cancelled the surgery! My leg felt so unreal in the first few days. And as mentioned above, climbing a whole day one nice wall to its peak with a 'new' stable knee provided me with an undescrible grateful victory! :-) ..better than any podium in sports I ever reached. 1000 thank you’s to Jane Stark for helping me so much in the right moment. Also, for me as therapiest it was a great experience to participate in this course. I use it a lot in my clinic. I can recommend it to everyone who likes to work in profound and efficient ways on our clients bodies.

Liebe Grüsse
Brigitte Petruzzi