After my first course with Jane in 2013 I felt inspired in many ways. It felt as if I were a flowerpot in which innumerable seeds had been planted. 

First of all there was this fascination for our finder of osteopathy A.T. Still. By illustrating the historical background Jane helped me to understand more deeply that osteopathy is more than just a method to treat aches and pains but rather a medicine for the whole person that can be used for all kinds of diseases, including emotional or psychological ones. 

In her course the main aspect to look at is the fascia. That is one huge seed that really wants to be watered in me. I had always used fascial release techniques in my office but coming back from her course I had some very new insights in and new approaches with the fascia. I understood more fully the fluidic and embryological and anatomical aspect of fascia and its behaviour when the fluid is able to flow through. 

Absolutely overwhelming was the fact that there might come deep biographical information about the patient to the hands and to conciousness as knowledge by touching the fascia the way she teaches it. 

This is an absolutely new way of communication between the patient and the therapist, feeling the fascia respond to words and movements and thereby unfolding the inherent healing processes of the patient. Emotional responses are no longer a fear or a challenge to cope with but something that sometimes happens if the patient (as well as the therapist) is open to it. To me that makes osteopathy more complete in the treatment of the body-mind-spirit-unit that we are. 

More seeds are the way to observe the patient`s posture from a more functional and practical point of view or the new and exhausting exercises for the fascia that she shows. One big plus for Jane is that she is absolutely helpful with any sort of question coming up. She is willing to share her profound knowledge so that the students get the benefit they want. She helped me a lot to develop more faith in my own capacities, a trust in my own potential - one wonderful seed to go home with. 

Now I only need to water my fascination for Still, my intellect, my palpation skills, my experience with this kind of touch, my own exercises, my trust and in the end I will hopefully get a nice bunch of flowers. And because I keep neglecting some of it I keep coming back to take courses with Jane.

A. Pichol