The Forgotten Techniques of William Garner Sutherland. After the great pandemic, before the PRM

Learn how WGS managed patients following the Great Pandemic of 1918.

Learn how to treat the the cranial vertebral junction, the C-spine, T-Spine, L-spine in neutral.

Learn how to treat the SI in standing.

Learn WGS's original mechanical approach to promote venous drainage of the cranium.

Learn how WGS could relieve pressure headaches almost instantly.


April 21-24 - 2023  

Contact - Pauline Cousin -



514-342-2816, poste 242



An old favourite

Go with the Flow - Fluidic Approach to Fascia - in English (with German translation)


Leipzig, Germany

November, 2023

Contact - Andreas Kasack 



Understanding and Treating Acute Discogenic Injuries: From the Patient's Perspective - in English with translation - in English (with German Translation)


Vancouver, Canada

April 14-17, 2023

Contact - 514-342-2816, poste 242,  


Munster, Germany

May 18-21, 2023

Contact Kristin Makac  +49 (0)251 49093194


On-Line Option

The History of Osteopathy:  Its Discovery, Early Contributors, Division, and Philosophical Evolution - in English, on-line

Any time

 In Person

Leipzig, Germany

November, 2023

Contact - Andreas Kasack 


Orthopadics meets Osteopathy - Lower Extremity